Simple and smart billing systems designed to suit all business and tasks

The world of simplicity and ease, imaginary prices and fairy tools that match the impossible, just complete your daily tasks easily and achieve your goals

Why do companies and entrepreneurs choose Zenda Solutions?

Fact to see In building our programs, we have used the latest software industry methods and standards, financing mechanisms and administrative systems for this era in order to maintain the sustainability of programs for all our users.

Unlimited cloud architecture

Zenda Billing is a powerful cloud platform that keeps everything in one place that you can access anytime and anywhere online..

so easy

Super easy to use that avoids any complex systems that require great professional and accounting skills that incur expensive costs, trouble and recruitment expenses.

Comprehensive Reports

Reports are the basic criteria for measuring the actual performance of any business. Without comprehensive reports, you will not be able to make the right decisions and measure the extent of profitability and balance of work between expenses and income. .

Low cost and without resources

You do not need resources and storage capacities anymore, as they are available to you in an unlimited manner, with competitive prices and subscription plans that suit all users./p>

Works on all devices

You can work and access from a smartphone, tablet or computer at any time and anywhere and download programs on all your mobile and non-mobile devices as you want

Designed to last without stopping

Software architectures that do not know downtime, as we guarantee a 99.99% working environment without any downtime, all your data safely through a daily automatic data storage system around the clock within the clouds of major companies such as Amazon S3

Please do not hesitate to contact us, and talk to us about your problems and questions. We will not take money from you just to ask or try our systems. On the contrary, we will work with all our best and effort to serve you, even if for free. We look forward to serving our customers in any way possible.

What are our programmes?

Zenda Technologies Software

Zenda Business Go
BusinessGo Program

Accomplishing the work quickly and easily for the ardent work of projects and individuals from managing customer relations and their projects, managing the work team, inventory, merchandise and printing, where you can craft a successful project brilliantly that suits project owners and those looking for managing the content of the heart of the project and directing work tasks

  • Customer Relationship Management and Projects
  • Full management of the work team
  • Manage services, products and printing
  • Inventory management, suppliers and retrieval
  • Communication and chat system for team and customers
  • A center for managing and uploading customer files and work
  • More than 8 types of scheduled reports for profits and expenses

Zenda BusinesGo Plus+
BusinesGo Plus+ With Inventory

Zenda BusinessBook program provides a huge and simple system in invoicing and direct selling systems. You do not need to think much anymore as managing inventory and employees easily organizes customers and increases your profits. Whether you have one store or multiple stores, our tools help manage your business to the fullest.

  • A system for all businesses, whether selling or services
  • Create multiple stores and points of sale for your business
  • Track stock levels in real time
  • Receive automatic alerts for low stock
  • Send orders to suppliers and track stock receipts
  • Move stock between your stores
  • Apply discounts and issue refunds
  • More than 15 types of scheduled reports for your business
  • You can access from a smartphone, tablet or computer anytime, anywhere
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Zenda MoneyBook
Money Book Program

Zenda Moneybook is a new system in the track record of Zenda Technologies. It is a program created to work with the best programmers and innovators simply beyond the impossible..

  • massive cloud structure
  • Records, upload and storage
  • projects and organization
  • Billing and payments
  • Financial planning and reporting
  • A real investment in knowledge
  • Backup and Restore Management
  • Invoice design system
  • Access with private links

What do our customers say about us?

Customers of all segments, including shops, restaurants, service providers, merchants, owners of institutions and e-commerce pages, put their trust in our systems and under reliability

"I work as an engineer and I needed a program to manage my business, my contents and my clients, and I could not find a program on the Internet that would serve my work at all."

- Thomas Israel C.E.O

"Zenda helped us manage our business and accounts easily regardless of the distance in Saudi Arabia."

- Barbara McIntosh M.D

"I was always looking for a simple and smooth accounting program that does not require an accountant and more costs, and with Zenda I found it at a really fantastic priceً"

- Carl Oliver P.A

"I have always struggled when using accounting software from a lot of options and limitations, but simplicity is the most wonderful thing I've found"

- Christa Smith Manager

"With Zenda, we stopped more of the exorbitant costs that were incurred in our organization. Today, we have a comprehensive superior system that is guaranteed at a price that is not great and in convenient installments.”

- Dean Tolle Developer

"Zenda helped me find the most suitable accounting and point selling program ever."

- Jill Webb Designer

Frequently Asked Questions

do you have questions? Take a moment to take a look at the FAQ and you may find your answer right away.

Yes really, no gimmicks! Our software is really free, there are no trial periods, there are no hidden fees, and as long as you are within the limits of the free plan for all software, it will be free and without fees at all times, and we will not charge any dollars. Our free software includes billing, accounting and customer records. For more information about the limits of the free plan, please visit the pricing page at the top of the homepage listing.

Once you have determined the type of your project, you can determine the type of program that is most beneficial to you from Zenda for billing. For example, if you own a store and inventory management and need points and manage your inventory, you need Zenda POS program, and if you are an engineer, lawyer, owner, programmer, or freelancer, you need Zenda project management program If you are looking for a daily bookkeeping, printing and accounting system, you can use the Zenda daily billing system..

You do not need an internet connection, a computer or a phone, as Zenda smart billing systems work on smartphones and computers, and you can use them by downloading or without downloading through the site with ease..

The Zenda billing system is a powerful cloud platform that keeps everything for you in one place, which you can access at any time and anywhere online. Therefore, we provide full guarantee on your data and work environment by providing comprehensive file recovery and storage systems that do not know stop, such as Amazon S3.

We provide support via e-mail, WhatsApp and direct contact around the clock to our customers. We are working hard to solve all their problems with the smallest details and the smallest problems with high efficiency

Our Partners For the better, together & We

our harvest In order to maintain an integrated Zenda community, we value our customers and their services and work hard to satisfy them and outperform their businesses..

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Registered Financial Accounts

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Our registered clients

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Invoice in our systems

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Our employee

It provides you with many invoice templates that highlight your company's identity in a professional manner

Promote your brand in a professional and distinctive way through Zenda Book and other Zenda programs, as they offer you many templates and create templates from scratch to suit the character of your ancient organization.

Invoice Design Layout
Your Own Invoice Design
Support All languages
Invoice Design Layout
Your Own Invoice Design
Support All languages
Invoice Design Layout
Your Own Invoice Design
Support All languages
Invoice Design Layout
Your Own Invoice Design
Support All languages
Invoice Design Layout
Your Own Invoice Design
Support All languages
Invoice Design Layout
Your Own Invoice Design
Support All languages
Invoice Design Layout
Your Own Invoice Design
Support All languages
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