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a dynamic company that a prominent player in the IT and computers industry since 2015. With a strong focus on software development and innovative solutions, With consistently delivered high-quality services to its clients , In partnership with giant companies such as Microsoft, Kaspersky, Toshiba, and Bitdefender.

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Our Vision

Pioneering progress in the IT landscape, we aspire to be at the forefront of innovation. Embracing technological evolution, we envision transforming businesses through cutting-edge solutions, fostering a digital future that empowers growth and connectivity.

Our Goals

Committed to excellence, our goals center around continuous advancement. We strive to elevate industry standards, drive client success through bespoke software solutions, and foster enduring partnerships with global tech leaders. Our pursuit is to be a trailblazer, setting new benchmarks in IT excellence.

Our Mission

Since 2015, our mission is unwavering: deliver superior IT services. With a focus on software development, we pioneer solutions that redefine possibilities. Collaborating with industry giants—Microsoft, Kaspersky, Toshiba, and Bitdefender—we ensure our clients experience unparalleled technological empowerment and reliability.


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Zenda Technologies Team

Our great team An elite group of enthusiastic managers who aspire to the success of these ideas, projects and programmes. Let us introduce them to you

Moayad Al-Majali
Public Relations Officer
Micheal Ali
Human Resources Manager
Aliana Rosy
Marketing Officer
Sofia Razaq
Sales Officer
Ashraf Al-Domiri
IT & Cloud Operations Manager
Levi Eidelman
IT Executive Officer
Aviv Dvorkin
Software Engineer
Yazied Al-Natsheh
RootHub CEO & Business Partner

Message from the organization's CEO

With pride and honor،

As CEO of Zenda Technologies Limited, I feel extremely proud to lead a dynamic force in the IT and PC industry, guiding an outstanding team of managers, specialists and technologists within our company.

Since our inception in 2015, we have grown into a prominent player, driven by our ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence. Our journey has been defined by an unwavering focus on developing leading edge software and solutions and the world's best software and systems. We stand tall as a testament to the continuous delivery of quality services.

We are proud of ourselves as well as standing tall with the conclusive evidence of the ongoing quality of our services, and we are proud of our partnerships with major players in the industry such as Microsoft, Kaspersky, Toshiba and Bitdefender, in their distinguished offerings to customers, as these partnerships have contributed to enhancing our capabilities and strengthening our commitment to technological excellence.

Our vision goes beyond expectations, as we look to set new standards for innovation and chart a new course for the technology industry. Our ambitious goals go beyond just commercial success, as we also strive to achieve excellence and leadership. As we move forward, I invite you to join us on this beautiful journey of innovation, collaboration and unparalleled service in partnership with major technology makers..

Together and together, let us embrace a future where Zenda Technologies remains synonymous and a center of excellence in the world of IT

- Osama Domiri Executive Manager/Founder& Developer

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Do not hesitate to talk to us, direct discussion, and visit us in our workplaces. As founders, we always dream of knowing how satisfied our customers are with us. Do not hesitate to contact us for any form or issue..

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Multi cooperation partnerships with multi sectors to provide Stone services and prices for our clients.


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Zenda Technologies collaborates with Microsoft, harnessing their cutting-edge technologies. Our services range from bespoke software development to IT consulting, ensuring clients benefit from state-of-the-art solutions and unwavering support.

Zenda Technologies collaborates with Kaspersky, a testament to our commitment to robust cybersecurity solutions. Our services encompass software development, IT consulting, and hardware integration, offering tailored solutions to diverse client needs.

enda Technologies partners with Bitdefender, reinforcing our dedication to top-tier cybersecurity solutions. Our services include bespoke software development, IT consulting, and seamless hardware integration, providing tailored solutions to meet diverse client requirements.

Zenda Technologies offers comprehensive cloud services, including scalable infrastructure, data storage, and application hosting. Our solutions empower clients with seamless access, collaboration, and data security, fostering agility and efficiency in the ever-evolving digital landscape.